Colon Cancer Screening

Colon cancer is now the third commonest cancer and the second leading cause of cancer deaths in the USA and .screening. is the test for the early diagnosis. The American Cancer Society and American Gastroenterology Society recommends a colonoscopy for colon cancer screening starting at age 50 yrs in both men and women if there is no family history of colon cancer. Screening at earlier age is recommended in African Americans and if there is family history of colon cancer.

Screening tests are ordered before symptoms develop and can be critical to diagnosis and treatment. If a screening colonoscopy is normal then the next exam would be recommended in 10 years. Unless needed before for another problem.

The Open Access Colonoscopy Program makes this important screening procedure more accessible to everyone and is designed to allow healthy patients without significant symptoms or medical problems to have a colonoscopy without the inconvenience of a preliminary office visit. Please read the provided information and complete the medical questionnaire on link below and send it to us. After your questionnaire is reviewed, you will be contacted and set up for either a colonoscopy or an office visit. Participation in the Open Access Colonoscopy Program is contingent upon pre-procedure insurance approval.